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Gryphon Life Showcases Student Perspective

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With the Gryphon Life Media Club, students have the opportunity to report and share stories about activities happening in and around the school campus. Students help to document and share their perspectives as students at GNS. There are many different ways to get involved with creating content such as writing, photography, making short videos or assisting with social media. 


Run by Mrs. Cheryl Alexander and Ms. Jessica Dempsey, who helps to put together the yearbook, Gryphon Life Media Club meets Mondays at lunch in Upper Simpson, Room 203. With over 20 non-athletic co-curricular activities and over six athletic co-curricular clubs, there is always something exciting happening at GNS. Therefore, there is always something to write about!

One of the benefits of participating in Gryphon Life is the opportunity to meet new people, discover what is happening and learn insider secrets. Pop in for a few minutes at the meetings and the rest of the lunch break is yours. 


Articles are short, approximately 300-500 words long, and usually include a photo. Previous articles include Round Square fundraisers, things to do in Victoria over the holidays and updates on fantastic clubs or events our school offers. There is no limit to what you can write about! If you want to promote your club, writing an article is a great way of recruiting new members since articles are published in the weekly newsletters that are sent out to parents, teachers and students of the GNS community. 

Keeping up with modern trends, members of the Gryphon Life Media Club also have the option of doing an Instagram takeover. Launched in 2010, Instagram is a popular application that many people use for photo and video sharing. Interested students just need to meet with Mrs. Alexander and Ms. Dempsey to plan a day they will takeover the GNS Instagram account to share their photos and videos about what it is like to be a student at the school.


There is no shortage of topics to capture! Just send an email to Mrs. Alexander at  or Ms. Dempsey at if there is something you would like to share with the rest of the school community!