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Having the Time of the Lives!

GNSGNS photo
Mamma Mia, written by Catherine Johnson first as a musical and later adapted to film, will now be performed by GNS’ very own talented theatrical cast. Well known for its catchy songs written by ABBA, a Swedish pop group, the musical was named for the 1975 chart topper Mamma Mia and has been performed in over 50 countries!

When asked what the GNS crew thought of their newest production—the unanimous response was “it will be fun!”

With the increasing popularity of theatre and drama at GNS, this production features two different casts performing, giving more students the opportunity to be a part of the play. The theatre has a place for everyone: as part of the Tech Team or, if you want to get your feet wet in acting, you can be part of the chorus, or audition for a minor role. If you love acting and all things theatre, then there are several lead roles which may be up your alley. Mackenzie Heaney and Connor Roberts, both in Grade 12, have taken on the two leading roles for Mamma Mia. In a short interview, they talk a little about their acting careers thus far.

Mackenzie Heaney tackles the role of Donna for Cast 1. Theatre had always been a huge part of her life. Her deep experience with acting began when she was 6 years old, taking theater classes and getting involved in her theatre community. She was drawn to Mamma Mia, deeming it worthy to be the end of her GNS acting career.

Connor Roberts takes on the role of Sam Carmichael for both casts. He started out as a shy, introverted student andShakespeare Day in Grade 9 was his first exposure to the art of drama. After this first experience being Romeo in Romeo and Juliet, he got the acting bug and auditioned for the play Our Town. He was surprised but thrilled when he got the lead role of George. After these successes, he went on to play Arthur Roeder in the Fall Term production of Radium Girls.

Both Mackenzie and Connor have had a long history of acting together. They performed in Our Town two years ago as George and Emily, who get married in the show. Later that year, they were in Mary Poppins, cast as brother and sister. They put their acting skills to use, transitioning between two very different roles. Now they’re back, as Donna and Sam, two people who are destined to be married at the end of Mamma Mia.

Tickets are not yet available, but stay tuned for more articles about the Spring Production and the actors behind the scenes!