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How Can IB a Hero?

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As part of their unit on the United Nations’ Global goals, Grade 6 students have created their own unique heroes to save the planet. They were initially tasked with creating a design for a hero with superpowers based on the and writing a story. To get started, they learned some of the things that superheroes have in common, like the places they protect – usually a city or other area – their secret identities, and their conflicts and inner struggles. For the final part of the project, the Grade 6s shared their superheroes and stories with Grade 2 and 3 students in the Pemberton Woods Dining Hall. The Junior School students had the chance to go around the room, take a look at the Grade 6 projects, and ask questions about the superheroes. Next, they got to create their own heroes with help from their Grade 6 buddies. Overall it was a morning filled with creativity and idea-sharing, and the Grade 6s had a great time showing off all their hard work.