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How You Can Help Fight Climate Change: Part 2

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As a recap, climate change is the warming of the atmosphere due to greenhouse gasses and other pollutants that can result in an overall global temperature increase, leading to more frequent storms and disasters. It isn’t just the environment that is being affected, as we also live on this earth. Climate change will affect everyone’s way of life, especially the poor, vulnerable and marginalized. The occurrence of more extreme weather patterns can lead to the destruction of homes and affect our food supply. Just remember, we can all make our life a little bit greener by doing simple things like turning off the lights, taking shorter showers and raising awareness by telling your friends, parents or relatives about climate change and how they can help stop or decrease its effect.

Last week I discussed the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and how we can donate as a way to contribute to their mission of protecting the forests as a way to slow down climate change. At WWF, adopt an animal or become a panda ambassador to help WWF achieve their goals.

This week, I will be talking about an organization that works to protect the oceans and the organisms which call the seas home. The preservation of the ocean is really important to help slow down climate change as it is only second to trees in the amount of carbon dioxide it can absorb from the atmosphere.


The Vancouver Aquarium was formed as the Vancouver Public Aquarium Association in 1951 and opened on June 15, 1956 as Canada’s first Aquarium. It was the first aquarium accredited by the American Zoo and Aquarium Association, the Canadian Association of Zoos and Aquariums, and designated as Canada’s Pacific National Aquarium by the Canadian Federal Government. They were also among the first in the world to achieve the Humane Certificate in 2016. 

The Vancouver Aquarium is a great facility that provides an informative, fun  and educational experience. It also serves as a hospital for marine animals in distress. Their rescue program is one of the largest in the world. They rescue, rehabilitate and release over 150 marine animals every year. If you see any animal that is in need of rescue, do not try and help on your own. Instead, call 604-258-SEAL(7325). The rescue of animals is a very delicate and complicated process that requires the assistance of very experienced people. 

Unfortunately, the Vancouver Aquarium has been hard hit financially by the pandemic. As they restructure, they are currently not accepting donations or new volunteers. However, you can visit the Aquarium as part of the proceeds will go to benefit their conservation efforts and this will help you learn more about how we can help preserve our oceans. For more information, visit the Vancouver Aquarium’s website: Vancouver Aquarium