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International Students Adapting to GO!

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Though they may not be in Victoria anymore, these international students have been able to adapt to distance learning with GO! and keep up with their studies from across the world. 


Stefanie Chen ’25 is currently in Kaohsiung, Taiwan which is 15 hours ahead of everyone in Victoria. As a result, she has had to adjust her learning quite a bit. 

“The time change does not allow me to be in the class,” she said. “But the teachers spend significant time and effort to make sure we are taken care of and to guarantee we receive the same material.” 

Her transition to GO! has been smooth, and her routine includes watching recorded lessons daily and asking teachers questions during weekly meetings through Google Meet and email. 


“I appreciate how the teachers do their best to help us even though we are in different spaces,” said Stefanie. 


Co-curriculars have also changed, but that hasn’t stopped Stefanie from taking part in many of them. 


“Despite the unfortunate fact that the Ted-ed club, which I am currently running, needs to postpone our TEDxYouth@GNS event, I am still able to enjoy co-curricular activities like Science Club and Round Square,” she said. 


Stefanie is glad to be at home, but misses being with her host family, as well as seeing all the teachers and students in person instead of over video. 


In Solingen, Germany, Eva Grosjean continues to utilize GO! despite a nine-hour time difference. 


“GO! slightly changed my sleep schedule, but I have gotten used to it and everything is going smoothly now,” explained Eva. “Thanks to the longer breaks between periods and being allowed to leave my desk during studies, it has made the routine a lot easier to maintain. I appreciate the hard work the teachers put in for not just the international students but all students. If I feel like I’m falling behind I can always come to the extra help sessions or ask for a one on one meeting.”


Switching to the online format has kept Eva connected with her teachers, but keeping in touch with other students has been a little harder. 


“Connecting with teachers has barely changed because if I need something I can ask for them to set up a meeting and get the help I need,” she said. “Connecting with students has changed a little. Usually, I would chat with people before class a little but doing that through Google Meet seems a little awkward. I have stayed in touch with some of my classmates though, but less than I would like because of the time shift.”


Eva hasn’t been able to take part in co-curriculars, as she would usually volunteer for the tech team, but she has kept herself busy at home by going for runs and playing the piano to keep fulfilling her CAS requirements to the best of her ability. She notes, however, that completing service has been difficult. 


Overall, Eva says her experience has been good, and she has been able to adapt quite well. 


“I love being able to be at home and leave study blocks at any time to get a break from academics and clear my head by doing something else, making me more focused in the later blocks,” said. “Plus my dog often keeps me company during a lot of my school day. He is one of the things I have missed most in Victoria.”

We are proud of all of the international students and how they have been able to adapt to online learning. We can’t wait to be able to see you back on campus!