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Kid Theatre 2019

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By Adrienne Smook Back in April, the IB Theatre students gave the Grade 3s a list of titles of plays and novels—and no other context or information. The Grade 3s then wrote seven very imaginative, action-packed, hilarious plays. We met for one class where the Grade 3s acted out their plays for the IB Theatre students, giving them acting advice and pointers on how the plays should be performed. The IB Theatre students took the scripts and worked together to stage the pieces. On Wednesday, they performed them for an audience of Grade 3, earning great critical acclaim! The performance was followed by a tour of the Denford Hall, costume loft, props storage, and the tech booth. This is the fourth year we have done this collaboration, and each year we are blown away by the creativity of the Grade 3s. One of the IB Theatre students noted, “There are no boundaries to a child’s mind.”