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Kindergarteners Use Innovation for Egg Drop

GNSGNS photo
The Kindergarten classes have been exploring the idea of force to help build an understanding of the way materials behave and interact to determine how people will then use them during our IB PYP Unit of Inquiry into “How the world works.”


This week, students looked at gravity and the effect it has on different materials. They tested materials like wood, fabric, metal, paper, plastic and rocks to see which one had the most gravity pull! 


They used their findings to design a way to help an egg safely drop from a high point of the playground. The students drew detailed designs thinking about the materials they would like to use and were selective as each was given a budget of 10 items to choose from. 


Using recycled materials, the Kindergarteners built their designs. Some wrapped their eggs in materials to cushion the impact, and some made parachutes or planes to slow down the  plummet to the earth. 


Finally, the big day came to test out all of their well thought out designs. After testing, students observed changes they would make on their projects and, equipped with perseverance, they made those changes and tested again.


This is a group of innovative learners and we wish you could have seen how determined they were to protect their eggs!