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Learning About Light Sources in Grade 1

IB Primary Years Programme
GNSGNS photo
Grade 1 students with their lightboxes

Prior to Spring Break, students in Grade 1 learned how light and sound can change the way we experience our world through their IB PYP Unit of Inquiry into “How the world works.” To demonstrate their learning, students worked with Junior School Art teacher Mrs. Nancy Fletcher to use cereal boxes and paper to build lightboxes.

Students learned about two types of light sources (artificial and natural) and were tasked to find examples of three or four sources of light to incorporate into their boxes.

Some sources of light that students came up with included:

  • Jellyfish
  • Lightning
  • Firefly
  • Sun
  • Campfire
  • Moon
  • Traffic Light
  • Gem/Diamond
  • Aurora Borealis
  • Dragon Fish
  • Rocketship

Students learned a lot as they completed the project, with many overcoming challenges and persevering.

“It was challenging cutting out the jellyfish,” admitted Sophie.

“It was challenging cutting out the sun because at first, I didn’t like it, but then I tried again,” said Sasha.

Students even shared what they would do differently if they were to do the project again, including using a stronger light to illuminate their boxes and design choices.

“I would change the box, and make the box sturdier,” commented Hudson.

“I would add more natural sources of light,” remarked Charlie.

Great job Grade 1s!