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Middle and Senior School Students Hit the Tennis Court

GNSGNS photo
Middle and Senior School students have been serving up their tennis skills on the court this year, with nearly 50 students between Grade 6 to 12 taking part in the tennis co-curricular on Friday afternoons. 

Mr. Cole Carlson and Mr. Peter Richmond are the staff sponsors of the tennis group that practices at the outdoor courts at Henderson Recreation Centre. Students have been learning the sport and brushing up on their tennis skills with the help of four additional coaches from the Rec Centre. 

“It’s really fun because I get to play with students and not just people outside of school,” said George Murray ’24. “It’s more of a fun atmosphere and not so competitive. The coaches are also good.” 

George has been playing tennis since he was five years old, and has played competitively. Being able to take part in this co-curricular, he explained, was an effective way to keep practicing without any pressure. 

“Last year, there weren’t a lot of students who signed up, but this year it’s great there are a lot of kids,” he said. “I got to play with my friends more than I would because they are usually in other sports. It’s good to hang out with them in tennis this time.” 

Sharing the love of tennis goes beyond playing with his friends, as George is also able to play against his brother Charlie ’27. 

“I’m a competitive player outside of school, and I wanted to join the club to play with my friends,” Charlie explained. “I like the competitive aspect and the fact that I’m good at a sport. I also love playing with my friends, it’s just so fun and one of those sports that are great to play with your friends in doubles.” 

Aleem Carino ’24 plays tennis outside of school, but enjoys the tennis co-curricular as it allows him to play with his friends. Aleem has been playing tennis since he was four, and has always had a passion for the sport. 

“I think it’s an easy sport to go out and do, you just need to find a wall and hit a ball,” he said. I like to play in the co-curricular because it’s a chance for me to play with my friends who I don’t normally play with. I like getting to spend time with them and a variety of who I play.” 

The tennis co-curricular runs until May 28, as students continue to work on their training and skill development.