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Middle School Winter Camp

GNSGNS photo

Over Spring Break, 40 GNS students travelled to Mount Washington, braving snowy conditions for a night of Winter Camp. Based out of the Vancouver Island Mountain Centre, the Grade 7s participated in a snow caving program and an intro to wilderness safety course, where they learned how to use an avalanche probe and practise first aid scenarios. Meanwhile, the Grade 8 students snowshoed with full packs into Strathcona Provincial Park and set up camp, which even included a snow kitchen! They pitched their tents and helped prepare their food, and after a cozy night outside they hiked back to the Raven Lodge at Mt. Washington to join the Grade 7’s for lunch.  “Being able to build snow forts is something that I have always wanted to do, and at the Winter Camp I got the opportunity to build one of my own along with some of my friends.” – Sophie Davies, Grade 7 “I really enjoyed building snow caves with my friends. I also really enjoyed penguin sliding in the snow.” - Amelie Bates, Grade 7 “It was a lot of fun and I learned a lot about mountain safety and how to save and find someone from an avalanche.” – Ruby Carrow, Grade 7

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