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A fresh look at the IB MYP Personal Project Report

Personal Project Profiles
Grade 10 GNS students showcase their personal project profiles.

The Grade 10s have been very busy completing their Personal Projects and preparing to showcase their learning in two ways: in a written report submitted to the IBO, and in an exciting Exhibition on February 29, 2024.

The report gives students a chance to describe their project in detail and reflect on how they’ve learned about a particular passion area independently, but perhaps universally more exciting is the Exhibition opportunity to share their products and process with the wider GNS community! Each year we invite the Grade 5s and 9s, as well as all parents, guardians and family friends to come celebrate the achievements of our Grade 10s at an interactive afternoon showcase. Prepare yourself for brilliantly decorated trifold posters, performances and demonstrations, and some inspiring personal reflection!

While we have been working on the planning and execution of these projects since last June, three students have joined our GNS community only recently and have jumped into supporting their peers. They had a chance to discuss the project with friends at the January writing workshop during our inaugural Grade 10 Academic Days, and then again observed diligent progress at our February Report Party, where we celebrated opening our final report documents with cake pops! After all, typing reflections is hungry work. 

Here are some thoughts about the Personal Project from two of our new Gryphons:


As a new student at GNS, I was thrilled to learn about the Personal Project, which is, in simple terms, an autonomous initiative that allows 10th graders to delve into a subject that inspires and fascinates them. However, it was unfortunate that my tardiness in January prevented me from conducting the project. Nevertheless, I was able to take part by interviewing peers about their viewpoints and project details, which certainly allowed me to gain a deeper comprehension of this intriguing prospect. 

One of my questions for each interview was, “What is the most interesting aspect of the project?” I was surprised to find that most of the responses I received were rather similar; out of all the sophisticated answers, Brock summarized this best: “Definitely the research, which allowed me to discover my area of interest in further depth, deepening my interest and my ability to research.” 

I also asked Brock about the most challenging encounter he overcame, which he claimed to be the process of fully understanding the research and analyzing the essence in his own words.

Through these compelling conversations, I absorbed the advantages of conducting a Personal Project—students are able to improve upon essential skills such as research, while also enhancing their critical thinking. Accordingly, I very much look forward to conducting my own research in Grade 12 and I strongly recommend readers in lower grades to value this opportunity to become a more versatile self! 


As Charles has already explained, we, as new students at the GNS, were unable to participate in the Personal Project. Like Charles, I was able to gain valuable insights into this project through interviews. 

In these conversations, I learned that all students chose very diverse projects, resulting in a highly varied spectrum of topics. Each student can contribute their strengths through independent topic selection or take the opportunity to learn something new or turn a weakness into a strength. For some, the choice fell on learning a new language, while others focused on coding their own video games.

Concerning the presentation of their projects, some of my peers felt nervous, but they all hope that visitors to the exhibition can gain information, motivation, or knowledge from their presentations. 

My final impression is that while this project requires a significant amount of time, effort, and energy, it is worthwhile due to the acquired knowledge and developed strengths. Additionally, there is the opportunity to showcase this newly acquired knowledge to others and motivate them.

Our next excitement in supporting the group will be welcoming our Grade 5 visitors, and planning the ‘treat delivery’ system that makes standing at one’s booth for the Exhibition seem quite ‘sweet’ (or salty, as the case may be).

Many thanks in advance to Charles, Jasper and David for being the core of the volunteer group that makes all these things happen at Personal Project Exhibition! We all hope family and friends will join us in the celebration of these projects from 3:00 – 5:30 at the Pemberton Woods Campus!