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Student-driven Film Set to Make Premier

GNSGNS photo
A group of Senior School students have come together to write, direct, produce and act in a movie entitled Poludnitsa, a 20-minute thriller/horror short film that features a variety of GNS students and their friends. 

Created by Satchel Ramraj ’23, Nathan Fourt ’23 and Cashal Denford, the group has spent more than three months making the film. 

“We started with a two-hour film and then realized it was too ambitious,” explained Satchel. “We even think we are being ambitious with what we are doing now, but we have made it more manageable and are allowed to spend more time on individual parts, and details.” 

The movie is about Jelena, a young woman with a Serbian background. She becomes fascinated by her heritage and a folklore book that contains several tales of frightening stories and legends. One night, a story becomes reality when she notices a woman dressed in black dancing in the street. 

“The thing about the horror genre is it’s effective at a low budget, and we are on a low budget,” said Satchel. “Also, it’s something we have never tried before. We have tried to do comedy and action. It just doesn’t work as much.” 

Adeline Breese ’24, who was co-producer and head of crew on the film, noted that being part of the project has been a great opportunity and she has made new friends along the way. 

“It’s been really good,” said Adeline. “I only met them like three months ago, and now I hang out with them every day, especially with the amount of time we spent filming. It’s been really fun, and cool to see the work in it.”

The movie stars Analee Obrocea ’24, who plays Jelena. She expressed that the process has really helped her work with others in a new setting. 

“I really gained a new sense of creativity and artistic expression that felt beneficial going towards something,” she said. 


Nathan and Satchel have made movies together since they first met in Grade 6 when they started making movies in a basement. 

“It’s been something since we were kids; we loved making movies,” said Satchel. “It’s definitely an art and being able to express ourselves as artists. We really enjoy the process of putting so much time into it and being able to see a result. Also, we enjoy working with others that contribute to making something special.” 

“Looking at the movies we made, like the one in Grade 8 that we showed in assembly,” added Nathan. “It looked so bad compared to this one that looks professional. It’s so cool to see the growth and the improvement from us, not that long ago.”

Throughout the process, the team said they have gained a lot of knowledge and it was a learning experience for them. 

“It’s also something we are really proud of and ready to show people,” said Satchel. “We are very excited to hear what people think.” 

This project has also been special for Satchel because his brother, Eli Ramraj ’19, made a short film and premiered it at Denford Hall during his graduating year. 

“He’s flying out to come to see it, and it’s the coolest thing in the world,” said Satchel. “He just finished a film now, so it’s so cool to get his support and it feels like it has come full circle.” 

The cast list: 

  • Satchel Ramraj: Lead Director, Creator, Editor
  • Nathan Fourt: Executive Producer, Creator, Assistant Director
  • Adeline Breese ’24: Co-Producer, head of crew
  • Analee Obrocea ’24: Starring character Jelena
  • Jack-Harris Bruce ’24: Lead Supporting Character Alecks
  • Payton Ihlen: Antagonist
  • Cashel Denford: Creator, Crew
  • Courtney Haslam: Set-Designer, Crew
  • Maddy Kelly ’23: Crew
  • Henry Yam ’23: Crew, Behind the scenes photographer
  • Seth Feldhuhn ’23: Extra “Driver”
  • Nolan Nyval: Crew
“Everyone who has been a part of the production has really given it their all,” said Nathan. “We have all been working our butts off to make the film. It’s been so fun making it, and we are looking forward to the premier.” 


The group will premier their film on June 7 and 8 in Denford Hall at 7 p.m. Admission is free. To find out more about the film, visit their Instagram @untitledstuidosofficial. 

Viewer warning: the film contains violence and horror aspects and may not be suitable for all viewers.