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Taking Action to Help the SPCA

GNSGNS photo
In July, Elora, Juliet, Jada, Rosie and Sophie—all now in Grade 4—took action on their Grade 3 learning when they decided to raise money to support the SPCA. Students in Grade 3 do an IB PYP Unit of Inquiry called “Sharing the planet” where they learn how human interaction within the environment can affect the balance of systems and about the consequences of imbalance within ecosystems.

“We wanted to raise money for the SPCA because at school we had a biodiversity unit where we learned how people affect animals and their habitats,” said Jada. “We wanted to do something to help animals.”

The girls were exploring the rocks together on Jimmy Chicken Island, collecting sea glass, when the idea for the fundraiser came to them. They decided to use the sea glass they were collecting to decorate garden pots that they could sell. It was truly a collaborative project as students in other grades donated from their sea glass collections as well. The girls chose to sell lemonade as well because Juliet pointed out that it is always nice on a hot day.

“One of the key concepts of our unit is about responsibility,” said Grade 3 teacher Mrs. Heather Crossley. “The responsibility that humans have toward the earth and taking care of the creatures on the earth.”

The girls worked hard to honour this responsibility, and in October were able to present a cheque for $200 to the SPCA. Well done for your teamwork, creativity and for raising money for such an important cause.