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The Lunch Program: A 3 Part Series

GNSGNS photo
Everyday at 12:20, there is a traffic jam in lower Gudewill as students flock en masse to enter the dining hall. Each day brings a new set of dishes, with vegetarian, gluten-free, and meat options. The aroma of the hot food is mouth watering, and it only makes the students waiting ever more hungry. Once they get their plates heaped with steaming food, students sit down with their friends and enjoy their lunch.

For international boarding students, the lunch program extends past lunch to serve breakfast and dinner. Eddie Li ’24, a Gryphon House student, says spaghetti is one of her favourites, as well as the curry chow mein served in the Dining Hall.

Middle School Principal Russ Marston is a huge fan of the cafeteria sandwiches.

“I love the sandwiches at the lunch program. They’re so delicious, I go almost everyday to eat them.” 

Mr. Marston doesn’t play favourites with his sandwiches, just like he doesn’t play favourites with the Middle School students he’s supervising at recess.

“I like them all, they’re all great. Today I have a roast beef and provolone sandwich, but yesterday I had a ham and cheese sandwich.”

Ms. Elspeth Easton, who teaches in the Individuals and Societies department and Theory of Knowledge, also enjoys the newfound luxury of the new lunch program.

“I just like seeing all the different options in the cafeteria and the fact that if I forgot my lunch or I am missing it that I have the option to have some delicious food that’s also healthy.”

Ms. Easton loves the Buddha Bowl, a gluten-free and vegetarian option with grilled Tempeh, pickled asparagus, julienned vegetables on a base of scented Jasmine rice with a soya ginger dressing.

Being constantly next door to the cafeteria, Senior School Librarian Lisa Drury eats at the cafeteria three times a week.

Without any doubt, Ms. Drury flat out states that the macaroni and cheese was her favourite, and on second thought declares the lasagna as a close second.

“So far, I love the mac and cheese. That was so good. The lasagna, it’s really good too. And they give you a lot.”

Some suggestions for additions to the menu are french fries, more sushi, and as Ms. Easton ecstatically exclaimed, chicken fingers! Luise Rau ’24 put forward the idea of having students be an active part of the food selection, such as having a suggestion or comment box. A breakfast program was also a recommendation for the future, for students who arrive at school early and need a hearty breakfast.

Many agree that the food is delicious, but find the pricing expensive. Students find they often have to choose selectively and carefully, and are disappointed at not being able to eat at the cafeteria as often as they wish.

The lunch program has been a great addition to GNS, and everybody is excited to see it develop. If you were looking forward to a recipe from Chef Matt, sadly he was not able to provide one as he has been too busy with the lunch program! Hopefully, we will be able to include one in a future article.