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Travis Price and the Effect of Kindness

GNSGNS photo
Travis Price, one of the founders of Pink Shirt Day, helped Middle School students at GNS get ready to take part in the annual awareness event on February 27. Denford Hall was packed with students from Grades 5 to 8 as they listened intently and asked questions about came to Price’s story and the events he experienced as a young teen in Nova Scotia that prompted him to help start what is now a world-wide event. 

In 2007, Price was entering Grade 12 when he saw a younger student being bullied for wearing a pink shirt. This interaction sparked Price and fellow schoolmate David Shepard to take a stand to help the student. The next day Price and Shepard organized hundreds of other students to join with them in support of the younger student by wearing pink shirts. On that day, through this act of kindness, the Pink Shirt Day movement was born. 

Growing up Price experienced bullying from a young age and into high school. He took a stand that day in 2007 and has continued to help others stand up against bullying. Price has travelled across the world to tell his story and his experiences and shares with people a simple act of kindness can make a difference. 

Pink Shirt Day is celebrated not only in Canada but around the world where people raise awareness of the impacts of bullying and promote anti-bullying not only in schools but in everyday life. To help promote Pink Shirt Day at GNS, Grade 5 students made pink ribbons for everyone in the Middle School to wear during Price’s assembly. 


On Pink Shirt Day, February 28, students from JK to Grade 12 and staff came together to support this important initiative by adding something pink to their uniforms. From pink socks and t-shirts to hair ribbons and ties, our community joined together to raise awareness about the negative impacts of bullying.