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Ultimate Provincials 2023

GNSGNS photo
The team had an amazing time playing together against some of the best schools in BC, and in spite of some of the challenges we faced, we managed to play some great ultimate.

Our first day started at 7 a.m., when we had our breakfast before heading to the fields. Despite some challenging conditions with the sun under us in our first game, we did our best but unfortunately we lost.
Our second game was arguably one of our best games of the entire tournament; even though we lost, we had some incredible plays, from insane catches to perfect hucks to elite defensive plays. In spite of the loss, all of us felt happy with our performances. By the time we played our last game of the day, we were already gassed out. We tried our best but were unable to capitalize. After our game, we went back to our hotel room, took a shower and had some delicious dinner at Brown’s Social House.

The next day we had an early morning once again at 7 a.m. Everyone was feeling a bit of fatigue but our coach helped us become more motivated and go into our first game with a lot of energy. It started off really well, with both teams scoring points back and forth. Unfortunately, some misplays led to us lose the game. We managed an amazing win with our second game , with incredible hucks and catches being displayed. Although our opponent came close to being on level in points with us in the second half, we managed to finish off the game on top. At our last and final game we gave it our all, but ultimately lost the game.

Whilst we did not get the results we wanted, we learnt a lot from the tournament and will aim to do better next year. This year we finished higher than the rank we were seeded, so it was an amazing achievement for the team.