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University Guidance Advisors at GNS Help Students Navigate Post-Secondary Applications

GNSGNS photo
louisa in University Advising Centre

Grade 12 is an important year for our students, especially when it comes to making decisions about their post-secondary pathway. Louisa Eder ’23 took advantage of the resources that were available to her through the University Guidance Centre to help her make the application process as smooth as possible. Ms. Angela Colibaba and Ms. Sarah MacMillan are the University Guidance Advisors at GNS who help our students made well-founded decisions about the next stage of their educational journeys.

Louisa applied to 11 programs, so having the help of University Guidance Advisor Ms. Colibaba was important, especially with keeping track of the various meetings, emails and pop-ins throughout the year.

“I had a lot of meetings with Ms. Colibaba about the programs,” Louisa said. “She walked me through Western Univeristy’s self-reporting so after that, I got the hang of the other ones. I’ve had a lot of emails with Ms. Colibaba because of some troubles with applications. I’d also go back to her with all of my acceptances. She really helped me with getting all the documents organized.”

Having the University Guidance Advisors available to help her through this important time in her life has been beneficial. Overall, she said the process has gone well for her.

“It’s been good because we have the guidance,” she added. “If we didn’t it would have been a lot more difficult. I also got all my applications in earlier than most, and I met with Ms. Colibaba and she helped me with that.”

As for her goals after her undergrad, Louisa said she hopes to become a doctor.

“I play some sports so kinesiology would be good for that, and I think I’d really like the program,” she explained. “Also health science is a great way to get into medical school.”

Louisa has some advice for students next year when they looking into post-secondary careers.

“Apply early,” she said. “It’s nice to get the first acceptance in, and then after the next few you realize you have options.”