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What We Like About Kindergarten

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The KS Kindergarten class has had many fun days of learning and the class of 14 students put together a list of their favourite things about life at the Beach.

  • Recess on the beach, finding treasures and visits to the big playground. 
  • Celebrating the 100th Day of Kindergarten
  • Math (patterns, shapes and numbers) and writing (sentences, lists and stories)
  • Creation stations (with blocks, lego, playdough and more)
  • Learning new things 
  • Visitors from PW
  • Terry Fox Run to the Oak Bay Marina 
  • Pizza and dance parties on Friday
  • A-Block on the turf 
  • Building stamina at Nature School for our end of year hike
Meanwhile, the KB Kindergarten class has kept up their learning with fun activities in their classroom and came up with some of their favourite things about Kindergarten and why they like it so much. 

The top spot for the KB class is ‘Centres,’ where the class gets to draw and play with toys, lego, blocks, animals and playdough. 

“Centres is the ultimate best thing in the whole school,” they said. 

As well, crafts are popular with the class including the weather report and seasonal murals, drawing, the coin project and making robots. Other fun adventures the KB class enjoys are French, dance party, snack, recess, free choice, music, special guests and playing on the big playground. 

Nature School is a favourite with all of the Kindergarteners. They enjoy hiking to Windsor Park, visiting Mystic Vale and their ‘Secret Garden,’ and searching for treasures at ‘Treasure Beach,’ as well as playing capture the flag, eagle eye and sardines!

The Kindergarten classes would like to thank Ms. Jessica Dempsey for sharing her expertise as one of our resident GNS storytellers. Our Kindergarten authors enjoyed the opportunity to write this news story with Ms. Dempsey’s guidance, as part of their IB PYP Unit of Inquiry into storytelling.