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WONDER Campaign Surpasses $27 Million

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It was at the family carnival that I announced the start of our WONDER Capital Campaign with our fundraising goal of $27 million. This was by far the most ambitious fundraising target in the history of our school, but we felt confident as we had already raised $15 million through the generosity of some incredible supporters.

Since that time we have worked hard to build on that support and by working together, our community has accomplished some amazing things. Whether it’s the reimagined Beach Drive campus—a facility unparalleled anywhere in this country—or the many additions and refinements at Pemberton Woods, collectively, we are creating the spaces and adding the resources that allow our students to define success on their own terms and to pursue their goals with truth and courage.

On Saturday, September 24, 2022, at our second ever WONDER Gala, I had the honour to join WONDER Campaign Co-chair Donja Blokker-Dalquist on stage to share the extraordinary news that, through the incredible generosity of our community, we have completed the WONDER Campaign a year early as we have now surpassed the $27 million target!

When I walk the halls of the new Junior School, talk to the students in the refurbished Dining Hall, or listen to the band play in our upgraded Music Centre, it is a strong reminder that great schools have strong philanthropy programs. We are so fortunate that many members of the GNS community partnered with us on the WONDER Campaign to continue to make the dreams of so many a reality for our students. As we now turn our attention to the renewal of the Pemberton Woods campus, there has never been a more exciting time to be a part of this community.

There is so much to celebrate about what has gotten us this far, but the truth is we have not reached our final chapter yet. In so many ways, we are just getting started. Everything that makes GNS an exceptional place to teach and to learn exists because of people who had the courage to both dream about what is possible and to go out and make those dreams a reality.

And so I say thank you. Thank you for being part of this community and for everything you do to make our school the very special place that it is. Thank you for being part of the WONDER Campaign.

While our target has been surpassed, there’s still an opportunity to show your support for the WONDER Campaign. Every gift—regardless of size—is important. Every donation matters, and what you give is far less important than that you give. The WONDER Campaign officially closes at 11:59 p.m. on Thursday, September 29. Visit so that you can be a part of making history for our school.