New Projectors Make Classroom Tech a Breeze

Learning Pavillions

In early December, we installed three brand new Epson 700U Ultra Short Throw Laser Projectors in the Learning Pavilions at the Beach. The temporary classrooms are currently being used by the Grade 5s and one Grade 3 class during construction at the Junior School campus.

The projectors, coupled with a matching set of speakers and a control box, will soon be rolled out to every classroom with financial support provided by donations to the Annual Appeal. They will replace the older technology currently in use throughout both campuses, delivering a beautiful, bright and crisp high resolution image with deep, rich colours using a laser light source mounted directly above the main classroom whiteboard.

The projectors are several times brighter than the old bulb projectors, which means there is no need to dim the lights, and have been configured to fill the whiteboard top to bottom. The laser has an expected life span of 10 years, as opposed to the bulbs in our old projectors, which only last 6 months.

Each new projector has an AppleTV directly attached, which allows students to present work wirelessly from their devices. A control box mounted at waist level can power the projector on and off, adjust speaker volume, and allow the teacher to present their device screen using either a wireless or wired connection.

There's no need to fiddle with a remote for the projector and speakers, and the control box is a simple, clean, clear, and consistent interface that anyone can use.

Teachers and students alike are thrilled with the new projectors, and have already begun seamlessly integrating them into classroom life in the new Learning Pavilions at the Beach.

A huge thanks to all of the Annual Appeal donors who helped make these new projectors a reality!

by Julian Daniel, Manager of IT