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Art Explores Connection Between Human and Nature

GNSGNS photo
Four students are showcasing their work for their peers, families and staff to see. The exhibition will run from March 8 to 15 in the upper lobby of Denford Hall. 

Mila Somogyi ’23 is one of the students who will have their art on display. Much of her work is done using acrylic paints, which is her favourite medium to work with. 

“The theme of my work surrounds the human and nature connection,” she explained. “I try to represent different relationships in each piece. Some are positive or negative. They don’t all fit together, but they do in a way with my style. It’s a diverse group of work.” 

Her favourite in the collection is the piece titled “Sublime”, which she painted of her mom in the snow at Mount Washington. 

“It was just a really pretty landscape,” she said. “I tried to represent the emotion. It was isolated and stormy. It really represented sublime, which is the feeling of overwhelming nature. Like how nature is so much bigger than humans.” 

When creating art she noted she can be inspired by many things, but a lot of her work revolves around what she sees. She will take a photo and then paint it. 

“When people see my work I hope they can see the connection between human and nature,” she said. “In one of my pieces, I have it like a bug lens. It’s a person reaching and looked at from a bug’s point of view. Others will be a human’s view of nature. I just want people to see that it’s something they can see when they go out.”

Mila became immersed in art at the Junior School, which helped foster her love of it. Now she continues to create on her own and draws frequently in her sketchbook. 

“I really like that with art it’s different for everybody,” she said. “You can express anything that you want in your art and use whatever you want to make whatever you want—it’s really fun.” 

While Mila doesn’t plan to pursue an art major in post-secondary, she is open to taking courses as electives so she can continue making art.