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One of the Key Success Factors outlined in our current Strategic Plan is “Improving Our Inspiring & Effective Educational Program.” As part of this, we wish to offer additional opportunities for students to learn an entrepreneurial approach in their thinking and their actions. We believe an entrepreneurial mindset can help address societal, environmental and economic problems and inspire positive change. This approach fits well with the GNS IB programmes, as it encourages students to develop higher-level thinking skills in inquiry, collaboration, synthesis and real-life problem solving, while also incorporating elements of the IB Learner Profile that allow them to become better thinkers, more open-minded and more courageous risk takers. What Outcomes are Desired?

  • Enhancing our ability to assist students to view the world from multiple perspectives;
  • Enabling students to more effectively address difficult, real-world problems and make the most of opportunities both now and in throughout their lives; and
  • Assisting students to be even better prepared for success in their efforts to make positive differences in the world.

We expect this enhancement to our educational program will assist students in defining and achieving uniquely personal versions of success in an ever-changing world, and enable them to continue effecting positive change and make the world a better place. What Might This Look Like? We envision a number of options to start this initiative and anticipate gradually building the scale and variety of offerings. Likely starting points may include:

  • Weekend boot camps;
  • Summer programs
  • After school clubs; and
  • Online forums.

The preliminary work will include identifying the age range for our initial efforts and ways to expand our commitment over time. How Can You Help? We want to hear your ideas! Join us on April 4th at 4:00 in the Head of School’s office at 737 Laurentian Place to share your thoughts about how to develop this initiative. Please RSVP by emailing Karen Allan at Together, we will chart a path that better prepares GNS students to be entrepreneurial in their approaches to their education and their lives.