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Choirs Share Positivity and Light

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Throughout this year, the Middle and Senior School Choirs have offered students who want to be a part of choir a place to develop their voice and gain performance experience. Ms. Amanda Chaval, the Director of the choirs, creates a friendly and inspiring environment where she shared her skill and knowledge of the art of signing. 


“I grew up singing in choir, and I love it,” said Ms. Chaval. “Music has always been my passion, and choir was a space that not only exercised that passion, but also provided a social outlet around it.”


What is it about choir that gets people interested? Music is a language understood by people around the world and the backbone of cultures and cultural identity. Music to many is a gift of joy and beauty that is to be shared and also serves as a release for emotions and feelings. Choir is regarded as a social activity that will help children and adults alike develop numerous abilities and skills.

“I think choir is important because it can help students develop a lot of confidence. Every little experience of singing or speaking in front of an audience grows more confidence and self-esteem,” said Ms. Chaval.

Over 50 students are involved collectively in the Middle and Senior School choirs this year. Students learn a large repertoire of songs from different genres—everything from popular Chinese folk songs to modern pop songs. Lately, they have been busy since the beginning of the term learning over six songs including “Mo Li Hua,” “Rise Up,” and “Mr. Blue Sky.” 

On March 15, the choir will record some of their songs, which will be shared viewers later that week. This is a temporary solution to the COVID-19 rules and regulations around live performances.


“Since there are no live concerts this year because of the pandemic, it’s important we still recognize all the work that’s being done in our music programs at GNS,” said Ms. Chaval. 

If you’re looking for a social activity with a fun and friendly environment that will also help boost your confidence, musical abilities and give back to your community, then choir is the perfect place to be. Email Ms. Chaval at if you’re interested in participating in the Middle School or Senior School choir.


“Choir is a place where we sing beautiful music together, our bonds are strong, and we always have an end goal in mind—sharing our gift of music with others,” said Ms. Chaval. “I believe every little bit of music we put into the world, brings more positivity and light to everything we do.”