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Designing a Dream Campus

GNSGNS photo

By Graeme Campbell Students in Design 7 have just completed a multi-month project to create a physical model of their dream campus. This process required that all of the IB MYP Design Cycle be utilized to properly investigate, design, plan, execute and evaluate this creation. Students began by researching various school campuses, considered their own interests and biases, and investigated overall theme and style of a variety of learning institutions. Next, a layout was created in groups to properly develop using 3-D modelling software. Finally, actual buildings were 3-D printed and placed on a proper diorama of their dream campus. The Grade 7s demonstrated perseverance and critical thinking throughout this process. They needed to overcome challenges that included ensuring that the multiple buildings properly fit into a single diorama as well as complementing the finished product with sand, grass, paint, etc. Everyone enjoyed the process of going from an idea to a physical model and the conversations around a variety of learning environments engaged them all.