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Exploring How the World Works

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As part of their inquiry into how the world works, Grade 4 students have been researching different energy sources. This week, they observed a demonstration of solar powered landscaping equipment by Clean Air Yard Care – Greater Victoria. They noted down what they saw, heard and smelled, and how it compared to similar devices that used non-renewable energy. The activity was part of the Grade 4s’ “How the world works” unit, which explores renewable and non-renewable energy sources, how energy is used, and sustainable energy practices. The Grade 4s kicked off this unit with the task of creating a light bulb. They had everything they needed in a brown bag – except for directions from us! This led them to problem solve and work together to create light. It was a great way to spark their interest in energy sources and leave them wanting to learn more.  Other energy experiments included making a juice battery, where students had to figure out which juice would create the most power (the answer? Lemon juice!), and creating their own solar ovens. Over the course of this unit, Students became “experts” in either renewable or nonrenewable energy sources, then taught their peers what it meant to be renewable or non-renewable and gave supporting evidence. They were paired up in groups (based on their interest of energy source) and constructed a poster to explain that particular energy source that they were most interested in and explore its pros and cons. These are just a few things we have done so far in this unit of inquiry. We hope this helps you! Please let us know if you need anymore information.