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Exploring the Science of Flight

GNSGNS photo
The Grade 4s recently explored how to fly to new heights! The students made paper airplanes using the scientific method to design and test their planes. Before getting out on the turf for a test-flight, students researched, hypothesized and designed their airlines while keeping in mind the big question of ‘How will different styles of wings affect how far a paper airplane will fly?’ 

The project is part of their IB PYP Unit of Inquiry of ’How the world works,’ where the central idea is “Energy may be converted, transformed and used to support human progress.” 

After the Grade 4s finished their research, they tested out how far their planes could travel. Students made three different designs in their experiment and collected data to compare what design worked best. 

“The airplane that went the longest was a long skinny one,” said Michelle.

“My farthest airplane had the two wings taped together so it was made smaller and thin,” said Khaila.

“Mine was the one that I made with a sharp end, and it won’t come undone because I added a lock for uplift,” said Braylen. 

“For me, the best plane was wider and it was able to go pretty far,’ said Kamilah. 

Way to go Grade 4s for using the scientific method to test out paper airplanes!