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Fall Play Adapts to be Livestreamed

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Senior School students have been working hard to put together the Fall play, Love and Information by Caryl Churchill, a compilation of several unrelated scenes that range in length. The play is quite unique as all the scenes are all disconnected, and there are many different characters throughout the play.  “I think it’s a very different kind of play,” said Mr. Alan Penty. “There is no storyline to follow, and I think that might be a little confusing, but we want to frame it in a sense of having people look at how we communicate, what we talk about, and how we remember.” The play is mixed media and it will be live streamed, but it includes a combination of live and recorded performances.  “It was written as a live play when it was previewed in 2014 in London, so it’s different because video will interrupt the live scenes,” said Mr. Penty. “These are really disconnected scenes, but they are all about information and what we do in this modern age of getting information, and how we all have [cellphones] near us at all times.”  The production has changed a great deal throughout the last couple of months. Originally, it was intended to be performed completely live. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Mr. Penty had thought to show it through entirely pre-records video, but due to time constraints, it morphed into what it is now.  “I’m really pleased it’s come as far as it has because the students have learned a great deal about film, video, acting and film acting because it’s so different,” explained Mr. Penty.  Students acted and filmed scenes independently. During rehearsals, Mr. Penty guided the students by showing them storyboarding, teaching them about shot sizes, and giving mini-lessons on how to film.  Devan Duquette ’22 worked on three of the prerecorded scenes and said it’s been a different type of role for her where she has been directing and acting.  “It’s been a fun experience for sure. It’s very different from what I’m used to,” said Devan. “From a director’s point of view, I enjoy it. I hope the actors enjoy it, they get to do a lot of takes and practice a lot more,” she added. “I like directing and watching the actors progress and seeing them develop confidence throughout our rehearsals. As an actor, I just enjoy acting so it’s always fun.”  Mackenzie Heaney’22 is another student involved in the play. She has been acting and directing recorded scenes as well.  “We had to change how we would normally do the Fall play, and I think we have handled it pretty well,” said Mackenzie. “Much better than the worst-case scenario which is having no play at all. So, luckily we were able to do something fun during this time. It’s a really lucky and cool opportunity to learn about something we watch every day: movies and television shows.”  Mackenzie says the audience should expect to be confused when they see the play.  “They will leave here kind of being confused, but hopefully thinking about it after they see it. We are trying to leave the audience confused and thinking,” she said.  The play will run November 25, 26 at 7 p.m. and November 27 at 4 p.m. via live stream from Denford Hall at