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Finding My Place at GNS: A Journey of Passion and Purpose

Meet the Team

On interview day, as a candidate for a new job, there are moments to pose questions to the employer, a chance to catch a glimpse of a potential future teammate or supervisor. It’s a subtle dance, a duel of sorts, where both parties strive to decipher compatibility. That initial exchange during my interview with GNS was unexpectedly fun and enjoyable, marking the beginning of my journey with the school.

I sat quietly, internalizing and dare I say measuring if the organization’s core values were similar to the values of the individuals in front of me. I wondered if it was truly the character of those who have chosen to spend their working life at GNS. I wondered if I would fit and complete the puzzle they were attempting to solve through the hiring process. 

I wanted to grasp the essence of the GNS identity, aiming to make a decisive choice for myself and affirm, “Yes, I want to be here, exactly here.” 

What I left with that day was a feeling of warmth, a sense of honest appreciation for people and a deep respect between each of the people on the panel. It was so refreshing to meet down to earth people in the hiring process. People that I believed make the right, ethical and caring decisions in life. 

Last week, I was asked what the best thing about being an employee at GNS is. Without hesitation, I took the opportunity to step in front of the room, proudly sharing about my work experience, my leader and the vibrant GNS community I had discovered, all within just 18 months of joining the school. Such impassioned advocacy for my workplace has been a rare occurrence throughout my career.

So what is it about this special place that had me jump up when asked this question? I’ve boiled it down to energy. It flows powerfully through our students and families, our faculty and staff. It’s evident in every person that is connected to GNS, that we all feel empowered by growing our future leaders and contributing in our own individual or specialized ways. We are a family that is connected by education and who thrive on growing knowledge. We create power together and that is what propels us. GNS is energy.

Our strategic plan, aptly named “Momentum,” propels and guides our leadership team forward at an incredible speed. We are making impressive advancements in so many ways, from tech and innovation to campus renewal. We have a powerful collective energy and a leader who inspires. The dedication to making this the best possible place to commit your working life to is unparalleled. 

The educators are marvelous and continuously strive to learn for each other and for our students – the world’s future leaders. I am honoured to be around such positive energy. It is truly one of a kind. I get to be a part of a team of inspired thinkers, leaders and students. 

I hope that my sharing today reignites your enthusiasm, encouraging you to rediscover the vibrant energy of our campus during your next visit. We are undoubtedly a unique and cherished community, so let’s strive to maintain this remarkable momentum!