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Five Students Represent GNS at Basketball All-Star Games

GNSGNS photo
Five students take part in all-star basketball games
Congratulations to five of our Senior School Gryphons who participated in basketball All-Star games! Olivia Doell ’24 and Kate Marriette ’26 represented GNS at the South Vancouver Island Basketball Association Rising Stars All-Star Game, while Grade 12 students Mason Carlson, Satchel Ramraj and Jacob Hier represented the school at the Vancouver Island Senior Boys All-Star Game.

Olivia and Kate were voted into the Rising Stars All-Star Game by regional area coaches and played with other top players on the island.

“I was the only Grade 9 from GNS, which was cool,” said Kate. “It was great getting to meet all of these girls my age that have the same love for basketball, and I got to meet the other coaches.”

Olivia and Kate plan to continue to play basketball for GNS in the coming years, and they were able to bring back new skills from the event.

“I had a lot of fun,” said Olivia. “It was a great experience playing with the best girls here, and I learned a lot. I want to bring those new skills to the team next year, and hopefully get a couple more wins.”

Coaches on the South Island selected the players for the Senior Boys All-Star Game, and they played against students from the North Island.

“It was really fun, I knew a lot of the guys,” said Satchel. “We got to practice together and it was a nice bonding thing for us and a final goodbye to our teams and high school basketball. It was a fun experience.”

Satchel and Mason played on the A team, while Jacob played for the B team.

“It was nice, we got to play against the best players on the island throughout the year,” described Mason.
“It was a lot of fun. I know a lot of the people from outside of school so it was nice to hang out with friends and play basketball, bring the city together and represent GNS.”

While Jacob didn’t have a GNS teammate on his side at the game, he did get to team up with students he’s played with on club teams and others he’s played against throughout the year.

“It was definitely fun and nice to see all those guys and compete with some high-level talent,” Jacob said.
“A highlight for me was being able to play with others I haven’t before, and getting the idea of different matchups and play styles. A takeaway for me, especially when you get to the middle season of basketball and looking towards Islands, you can lose sight of what your point is to being there. It gets competitive, but it was nice with the all-stars and refreshing to have some fun with other players.”

Congrats again to all five of the students for being selected for the all-star games and being part of this special opportunity.