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Talented Ballerina and Future GNS Prefect Performs in Swan Lake over May Long Weekend

Katharine Morley, GNS student in Grade 11, performs in Swan Lake.

GNS student and talented ballerina, Katharine Morley, has been dancing since the age of three, and she recently took the stage in a professional production of Swan Lake with Ballet Victoria. Now 17 years old, this dancer’s journey has been one of passion and love for the artistry and athleticism required in ballet.

“Most ballet dancers start from quite a young age and I’ve always enjoyed it a lot, and when I was little I loved running around in pink costumes,” says Katharine. “As I got older, it of course became more intense.” 

Katharine’s commitment grew as she moved to her current ballet school, which is affiliated with Ballet Victoria. This connection provided the opportunity to learn from professional dancers and eventually led to her involvement in Swan Lake.

The student’s inclusion in the production was a result of being noticed by the director. “They needed two more ballerinas to fill in and since our conservatory is attached to the company, I was asked to be a part of it. Their company is small, and for a classical ballet like Swan Lake, they needed more dancers for uniformity and formations.”

Training for the role has been rigorous. Since March, Katharine has been rehearsing every weekday after school, a commitment that intensified as the performance date over the May long weekend approached.

Despite the achievements and opportunities provided to Katharine through dance, her academic interests lie elsewhere. “As much as it would be sad for my dance teacher to hear this, I’m not really planning to dance professionally,” she said. “I’m looking into a STEM career, focusing on Biology and Chemistry. I’m considering something in the medical field, like dental hygiene, dentistry or orthodontics.”

Dance serves as a creative outlet for Katharine. “After school, it helps me take my mind off things. It’s going to be a shift going from dancing so much to university, but I definitely want to keep it in my life. I hope to continue taking classes and even plan to become a dance teacher next year during my Grade 12 year.” Younger students will have the privilege of learning from Katharine when she teaches a Tiny Tots class, along with jazz and acro-classes.

Katharine said that dance has played a significant role in her life, and she believes the lessons she has learned will stay with her in the future. As she prepares to become a prefect in her final year at GNS, she is confident that her performance experience and ability to confidently stand before a crowd will serve her well in her academic life at GNS.