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GNS Achieves Accreditation as a CISCO Networking Academy

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CISCO accreditation allows GNS to provide Grade 9 to 12 students with access to world-class technology and ICT training opportunities through the CISCO Networking Academy. GNS students are now able to complete IT accreditations and gain globally recognized credentials that can benefit applications to post-secondary and future career opportunities within the IT sector. All of these opportunities are now available at no extra cost to our Senior School students.

What is the CISCO Academy?

Since 1997, the CISCO Networking Academy (Netacad) has grown to become a global leader in digital skills training and IT certifications. Their credentials are recognized in over 190 countries and are highly sought after within the technology sector. 95% of CISCO academy graduates find work in the IT / Technology sector upon completion.

How Will This Work at GNS?

Students enrolled in the GNS Launch Pad program, either as a class for Grade 11/12 students or as a co-curricular for Grade 9-12 students, will have the option to enrol in different CISCO Academy course modules. They will be able to choose learning areas of their interest and choose how they would like to structure their learning within the program (in-person, fully online, or hybrid).

Our post-secondary academy partner is the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT). They will provide additional support for GNS instructors and students, in addition to future post-secondary pathways.If you’d like to sign-up or simply learn more about the GNS Cisco Networking Academy, please email Jon Hamlin, the Director of Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship, and CISCO Academy Lead Instructor.