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GNS Prepares for Spectacular Lunar New Year Celebration on February 8

Performance for Lunar New Year

Anticipating the Lunar New Year on February 8, the GNS community is preparing for an extraordinary celebration, propelled by the devoted initiatives of Mulin, a GNS Mandarin teacher, and her mother Pei. Their concerted efforts promise to deliver an exceptional and memorable event for all attendees.

“This great idea was from GNS. We have so many Chinese families in GNS and it is very important to share our culture with this community,” said parent and contributor Pei. 

Mulin, an advocate for cultural education, has created ways for children to immerse themselves in the richness of Chinese culture at GNS. One of the key components is teaching Mandarin to young learners at the Junior School campus on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

As the Lunar New Year approaches, Mulin and Pei have played a pivotal role in organizing the event. The celebration promises to be a visual feast with elaborate decorations, performances and the active participation of students showcasing their cultural talents.

Mulin is coordinating a choir of 20 students from Grades 1 to 5 who will sing Happy New Year in Mandarin on the special day.

The Lunar New Year event will also feature interactive stations, each designed to bring participants closer to the richness of this culture. 

Attendees can engage in hands-on activities such as a cooking station, where a traditional rice bowl dessert will be prepared, and a bubble tea station offering a taste of the popular Asian beverage. A highlight of the celebration will be a prize draw, generously sponsored by various contributors from within the community.

“We call it Chinese New Year and also Lunar New Year, because a lot of Asian cultures celebrate. It’s not just for the Chinese people, it’s for all other communities too. We want to include everyone.”

Mulin said that it is more important than ever to embrace diversity, especially with the growing number of immigrants calling Canada home. She said that it is crucial for people to appreciate Chinese culture and encourages everyone to deepen their respect for other customs through curiosity and understanding. 

“We’re trying to showcase as much as possible to expand and elaborate to the community what Asian culture is all about. People don’t always get a chance to participate and it is beautiful how inclusive and supportive GNS has been.” 

Come and enjoy this gathering as it is a chance to immerse yourself in a truly amazing experience. 

The event runs from 3:30 to 6 p.m. at the Pemberton Woods Campus in the Thorau Gym. There will be a light formal program, and we encourage you to join whenever it suits you best. A brief welcome speech will take place at 4:15 p.m., and a door prize will be drawn at 5 p.m.