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GNS Alumni Take on Staff at the Weekend of Wonder

GNSGNS photo

One of the highlights of the WONDER Carnival last month was the Staff Vs. Alumni soccer game, which saw GNS alumni take to the turf against current teachers. Rain showers didn’t dampen the spirits of the players, and the game was a back and forth match throughout. It was a battle on the field, but the teachers proved to be no match for the destructive father-son duo of Tybring and Andres Murry-Hemphill. Alumni even got engaged with refereeing, led by none other than Dave Mathieson. Alumni players: Stefanos Mavrikos ’07, Khyl Orser ’05, James Frazier ’08, Lucas Darke ’18, Evan Thoms ’16, Jordan Fletcher- Burna ’11, Gavin Simmons ’11, Will Anderson ’11, Ellie Mcleod ’16, Kevin Neilson ’08, Tybring Murray – Hemphill ’81, Anders Murray-Hemphill ’16, and Dave Mathieson ’08 (referee).