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GNS Community Comes Together To Support Medical Workers

GNSGNS photo
The GNS community is using its resources and knowledge to rally together and support medical personnel in their efforts to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. At the Pemberton Woods campus, face shields are being created via 3D printing.


GNS parents Lindsay and Daniel Warder started asking other GNS families (Kelly Periera and Tony Chan) about the use of 3D printers. That is when the Chans suggested connecting with Information Technology at GNS. 


“My husband and I are both physicians and I was worried that high-risk doctors in the community don’t have appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment) –especially face shields– and had seen other physicians across Canada putting forth some designs for shields,” Lindsay Warder explained about how the idea came together. 


After connecting with Mr. Daniel at GNS, Lindsay Warder reached out to Design teachers Mr. Le Surf and Mr. Pimlott. After analyzing the requirements for the headbands of the shields, they determined the larger Creality printer could print them, while the smaller Monoprice printer could handle the reinforcement piece. With two of the schools 3D printers being used to print the headbands, Mr. Le Surf and Mr. Pimlott identified they could use the Glowforge Laser Cutter to shape the shields themselves with the help of Kelly Pierea, who has resourced the proper plastic to use. 


“It is taking quite a team to get these face shields made and delivered,” said Mr. Le Surf. “Kelly has sourced more material for the shields, and Mr. Pimlott has used our laser cutter to cut them up. We have switched back to the more durable shield to make better use of the materials we have available.” 


Tony Chan had a 3D printer himself and lent it to the school to help build the headbands. It is a slow process to get the face shields made, and it takes nearly six hours to print one headband. They have been able to make over 30 shields in the last couple of weeks that Lindsay Warder has been able to deliver to doctors in the area. 


“I have been connecting with doctors in the community,” Lindsay said. “I have given them to cardiologists (working in the CCU – cardiac care unit), anesthesiologists, urologists, family doctors working at Victoria Cool Aid Society and the Inner City COVID clinic, and ophthalmologists. I have a contact with the new COVID-19 clinic that opened at Cedar Hill Recreation Centre and she is asking for some when they are available.”


With all the hard work going into helping medical personnel at this time, Kelly Periera has also been in contact with St. Michaels University School to join forces to support this cause. Thank you to all involved in making this project happen!