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GNS Enters Math Contest Season

GNSGNS photo
The Grade 6 to 9 students participated in the Math League contest, while 115 Grade 9 to 11 students participated in the University of Waterloo’s Pascal, Cayley and Fermat contests! 


Both contests offered an online version for the first time in light of the current situation across the country. Our students took advantage of the online platform with a few hiccups, but much success.


Each contest consists of multiple-choice questions that increase in difficulty as the test progresses. These contests are meant to be challenging and fun and are not used as part of a student’s mark.


Students that achieve a high standard on a contest are eligible for a certificate, medal or trophy depending on their placement amongst their peers at the school, district and national level.


Last year, these were the only contests to take place, but we are hoping that students will get to participate in another set of contests in the spring.


Way to go Middle and Senior School students!