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GNS GO! Family Challenge

GNSGNS photo

It’s time for another GNS GO! challenge and this one is for the whole family and the whole school! This competition is open to students and their families from JK to Grade 12 and it will run from Friday, May 1 to Friday, May 22, and new activities will be added each week. Why are we doing this? To build community and have fun! To earn massive house points! To celebrate GNS and spread positivity throughout our school community and beyond! How do you get involved? 

  1. Join the GNS GO! Family Challenge Google Classroom page (using a GNS email) at and use the class code: du6zoea
  2. Check the activity list and corresponding house points and then complete as many challenges as possible as a family
  3. Take a photo or video of your family completing the challenge and submit them on the classroom page
  4. Use the Google Form linked on the classroom page to submit your house points.
  5. Students in JK, K, Grade 1 or Grade 2 should email photos and videos directly to Mr. Bowers:
  6. Check the classroom page each week to see the new activity opportunities

At the end of each week, we will randomly draw one entry from each of the three schools. The winners will receive a $50 donation to the local charity of their choice in their name, courtesy of the school. Check out the examples on this page by Mr. Henry, Mr. Brooks and Mr. Thorau. Please remember to be safe and have fun while doing these activities! They are meant to be done together, with members of your family. Students—particularly the younger ones—should talk to their parents before taking on one of the challenges. We are looking forward to seeing the submissions of our students and their families in action. Good luck!