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GNS Golfers Represent Canada

GNSGNS photo
Grade 11 students Shunkichi Yamamoto and Rebecca Kim take golf very seriously, and that was evidenced when they both represented Canada at the IMG International World Junior Golf Tournament in San Diego this past August.

The tournament took place at the historic Torrey Pines Golf Course, one of the most difficult courses in the world, having hosted the PGA’s US Open golf tournament just two months earlier.

Shunkichi competed against 230 golfers from different countries, and he played well, placing as the top Canadian in his age group. “It was really something, playing against the best of the best in the world,’ said Shunkichi, “That was the highlight of my summer.”

Rebecca also competed valiantly, finishing right in the middle of her field.

“It was cool to play against girls from all over the world, getting to meet them and talk to them,” commented Rebecca, “It was a super diverse and unique group.”

Representing their country wasn’t lost on either of them, as the chance to compete for Canada was humbling, especially amongst competitors from so many different places.

“It felt really good to represent Canada,” admitted Shunkichi. “I was overwhelmed by it at first, but it was such an honour to go out there and play my best. I want to go back next year.”

Rebecca added, “It was definitely something different for me, to think that I am representing a whole country. I tried to wear my red and white when I could.”

The pair both plan to pursue golf moving forward, with hopes to play at a post-secondary level and beyond, with their sights set on NCAA scholarships.

“I think that if I can take golf with me to university, and play at a high level there, then I would be really happy,” said Rebecca.

“Hopefully I can play college golf, hopefully in the NCAA,” remarked Shunkichi. “It would be great to make it pro one day, but if not, I can use golf to help with my education and travel the world.”

Well done to both these Gryphons!