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GNS Graduate Inspires with Wisdom and Success in Video Game Design

GNS Alumni is making way in video game design, interactive media.

Alessandra di Frassineto ‘19 is an emerging artist in the world of video game design, displaying her passion for storytelling and interactive technology through her chosen career path. She shared her story from being a GNS “lifer” to her current endeavours and imparted words of wisdom for current GNS students.

Alessendra, who attended GNS from kindergarten through to Grade 12, expressed her gratitude for the school’s nurturing environment. 

“GNS always let me be exactly who I was and I never had to put on a face.” Her journey into interactive media began during a unit on games with Mr. Lundgren at GNS, where she created a simple card game. She realized in retrospect that the seed was planted then that would ignite her interest in the field. 

An example of Alessandra’s art.

After graduating from GNS in 2019, Alessandra pursued RTA Media Production at Toronto Metropolitan University, a program encompassing various media forms such as film, radio, television, game design and digital media. 

Though she initially had no plan to specialize in video game design, her elective courses organically led her down that path. Alessandra spoke fondly of her university experience, particularly the lab-based classes that allowed her to work and explore her interests and strengths in a hands-on way.

“Video games allow you to think in a way that is non-linear and I have always thought in a way that isn’t linear. The courses that enriched me the most weren’t conventional in nature, and allowed me to think outside the box,” she said. 

An example of Alessandra’s video game design work.

Having just moved to Paris, Alessandra aims to continue on the path of interactive media and work toward a Masters Degree in the field. One day, she imagines that she may work in interactive design for art galleries or establish her own interactive studio. She envisions creating project and design opportunities for small companies or delving deeper into game design, driven by her belief that the most effective way to experience a story is through hands-on engagement and agency in immersive stories.

Her advice to current GNS students resonates with authenticity and self-discovery. “The biggest thing that I could say is to stay true to your nature and embrace who you are. The reason why I am where I am is because I’ve never doubted myself, not in an egotistical way, but I’ve always known what makes me happy and I’ve always stayed true to that happiness.” 

She said that even if you don’t know what it is you want to do, if you know what makes you shine when you enter a room, that sparkle can grow outward and impact other people. “Understand what your spark is and don’t let it go.”

She also emphasized the significance of connections and kindness, reinforcing the idea that your life path will be enriched by respecting and appreciating those around you.

“Don’t compare yourself to other people because you’re all on your own journey and there’s always something that is made for you, and if it doesn’t come to you then it wasn’t meant to come to you.”

Alessandra wants current and former GNS students to know that they can reach out to her. “I’d be happy to offer insight and support.”

You can find Alessandra through her website by clicking here. “It is a great way to contact me via email and see more about my projects and what I have been up to since GNS.”

Outside of video game design, Alessandra also produced a podcast – available on Spotify – a radio show, a current affairs live production, she worked as a social media manager for a CBC film and much more. “I am happy to answer any questions about what working in the creative media sector looks like, it doesn’t just have to be about games.” 

As Alessandra continues to make strides in the world of video game design, her story stands as an inspiration for aspiring creatives, particularly those currently navigating the halls of GNS.