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GNS Soccer Player Wins Golden Boot at Provincials

GNSGNS photo
Congratulations to Alex Vroom ’23 who was awarded the Golden Boot award at the 2022 BC AA High School Boys Soccer Championships. The award is given to the leading goal scorer in the tournament, and Alex scored an impressive eight goals while playing five games in the tournament. 

“A lot of it has to do with my teammates,” said Alex. “They were assisting me and getting me the ball in the right places.” 

Last summer, Alex underwent chemotherapy treatment, but he was able to get back on the pitch for the start of the school year. 

“I had a lot of support, especially my first game back from my teammates and the parents,” he said. “I really felt welcomed back. It was tough not doing any physical activity for a bit, but I was able to come back and it was a pretty easy adjustment.” 

Alex noted he has been playing soccer for as long as he could remember. Having been at GNS since Junior Kindergarten, he added that he has played on every school soccer team he could, including being part of the GNS U13 team that won the 2016 CAIS Championship. 

“In Junior Kindergarten we played on the pavement by the Boat House, and every day at lunch we would play,” he said. “Since Junior Kindergarten a lot of us have stuck together to play soccer whenever we can. When you look at teams like Reynolds they have so much talent, and our team might not look like that on paper. Only a few of us play club, but we have been playing together for so long that we have such good chemistry. I think that’s one of the main reasons we have been able to go far and win games. We just have that connection.” 

Throughout the year, Alex said he has been training, specifically on his shot’s accuracy, which helped with his goal-scoring touch in the provincials. The team placed fifth in the province after beating Langley Fundamental in their final game. 

“Provincials was pretty good,” said Alex. “It was unfortunate not to get the win in our last year [at GNS], but I think we ended on a pretty good note by not losing our final game.” 

Way to go, Alex! And congrats to the Senior Boys Soccer team for such an incredible year.