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GNS Student Gets IMAX Experience

GNSGNS photo
Lukas met Jason, the main projectionist, who taught him about what he does and allowed him to screen a movie. 

“It was really cool,” Lukas said. “I also learned how they used to do things with tape, saw the old gear and took some stuff home to experiment with. I also got to see their main bulb for old projectors. They would get shipped in these bulletproof containers because they were under 300psi. It was cool.” 

Back in May, Dr Niobe Thompson, co-director, co-producer and executive producer of the film Carbon-The Unauthorized Biography, shared a special screening of the film in Denford Hall with some of the students. He spotted Lukas working in the booth and arranged for the opportunity to learn about and work with the technology at the IMAX theatre. 

After his behind-the-scenes visit, Lukas was also invited to join a mixing session for 3D audio mapping. 

Lukas noted his interest in working on the technical side of productions originally started a couple of years ago when he was in Germany at a concert, which sparked an interest in lighting. 

“I talked to teachers and staff here to see if I could get into the [tech] booth because it was one of my interests for five to six years,” he said. “I like to think I’m pretty well-versed in this so when I was able to get up into the booth at Denford Hall–there’s a lot of trust that goes into it–it was really special.” 

Throughout the year, Lukas has helped out in the booth with multiple Middle School assemblies and drama performances. What he is really interested in, however, is concert lighting, which he has been teaching himself for the past two years. 

“My ultimate goal would be to one day become House Lighting Director for concerts and clubs,” he said.