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GNS Students Receive Liz Ashton Scholarships

GNSGNS photo
Two GNS students are being recognized for their athletic passions by the Pacific Institute of Sport Excellence (PISE). Madeleine Anctil ’25 and Rebecca Kim ’23 have both received the Liz Ashton 2021 Scholarship. The scholarship goes towards high-performance training services from PISE’s Performance Training Coaches. 

Madeleine received her scholarship for climbing, which she has been doing since she was six years old. 

“It feels really good to get the scholarship, I’m really grateful that I got it,” she said. “I’ve trained at PISE before and I liked it. So, I was really excited to get to train there again, and I’ve trained with the trainer I’m training with so I’m excited to start that again.” 

Madeleine says she climbs three days a week and trains once a week. Lately, she’s been focusing on her strength and balance. 

“I really like the problem-solving aspect,” she said. “Also, it works your entire body and that’s cool. I like it, and I’m not scared of heights. I really like them. I just stuck with it and it’s really fun. I like everything about it.” 

Rebecca earned the scholarship for her dedication to golf. She had already been taking part in personal training at PISE when she decided it would be a good opportunity to apply and help fund her training. 

“I was surprised when I found out,” she said. “Golf isn’t the most prominent sport when you think of training at PISE, so it was good to feel like my efforts were going to something. I was just surprised and very grateful that I was given the opportunity. 

She said she’s going to continue to focus on the work she has been doing with her personal trainer Elysia at PISE. 

“She’s [Elysia] great and specializes with golfers,” said Rebecca. “I’ll be working on gaining distance and keeping my body in better shape as the tournament season comes because it’s just starting now.”

Congratulations to Madeleine and Rebecca on all their hard work!