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Grade 10 Track Student Tops Virtual Track Meet

GNSGNS photo
Congratulations to Niko Krusekopf ’23 on being named the Junior Boys Overall Track Champion by Lower Vancouver Island School Sports! Niko participated in three virtual track competitions including the 400m, 800m and 1500m events. 

For those events, Niko recorded his track times and they were submitted. 

“It feels pretty good knowing that the hard work I’ve put in has paid off,” said Niko. 

This year, there were no in-person track meets for students to compete against others, so what makes Niko’s accomplishment that much more impressive is he had to continue to motivate himself to achieve his impressive times. 

Running alone is not easy, as competitors are often pushed beyond their limits only by the sight of other participants around them. But, this year Niko had to stay motivated and continue to push himself. 

“I was running all my races as time trials, so it’s a lot harder when it’s just you running. When you’re with other people you tend to go faster in races because you’re pushed to go past people. So, just running by yourself you have to really focus on the paces and getting each lap correct. It takes a long time to be able to memorize what pace you should run and how that feels,” he explained. 

Niko has been committed to track training for over a year and runs five to six times a week.

“I just generally like running, and it’s fun going out there,” he said. “I have to do quite a few ‘easy’ runs, and I don’t enjoy them as much because they are longer, but especially on the track, I enjoy going fast and just running.” 

While Niko trains with a coach outside of school, he also takes part in the Senior School track, which he likes to do for fun. 

However, this year Niko has taken on a role with the Middle School track and has shared his knowledge, tips and tricks with those athletes. 

“I hope this helps get more people interested in the Senior School track team in the future and get them interested in track,” he remarked about why he likes to help the younger students. “I like to teach them a few things I’ve learned with drills and warming up…half of my work on the track is the warm-up, and it’s a really important part so teaching them how to do it is important. Anyone can run, but if you can learn to do the warm-up properly it can help them have better running form.” 

Way to go Niko for persevering throughout the year and showing your dedication to track!