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Grade 12 GNS Student Accepted to Harvard Looks to a Future in Healthcare

GNS student sits in chemistry classroom

As graduation season approaches, one student at GNS is preparing for an exciting next chapter.

Kevin Lim is set to graduate this spring and will be attending Harvard University in the fall to pursue his passion in the world of healthcare.

Kevin has been a part of the GNS community for five years now, and he credits the IB program for helping him to develop self-management skills and a deepened interest in the sciences. 

“The more rigorous two-year program has helped me really develop a stronger and genuine interest in the sciences, especially more selective things like biomedical engineering,” he said.

When attending Harvard, Kevin will study to become a physician or physician researcher, with a focus on biomedical engineering.

Throughout his time at GNS, Kevin has been actively involved in various extracurricular activities, including the Math Club since Grade 9, the GNS Concert Band since Grade 8, and tennis from Grade 9 to 11. 

“GNS has helped really nurture this passion through personal projects and also being able to explore different courses,” he said. “The GNS community has really helped me grow into a more balanced individual and take on more leadership roles to become a stronger leader.”

His advice to younger students is to seize every opportunity available, advising them to find a variety of ways to express their intellectual curiosity and passion whenever possible. 

“Always be prepared to do everything you can possibly do. Make use of all the opportunities that you have, especially over the summer or breaks as well.”

Describing GNS in three words, Kevin chose “tight-knit, supportive and persevering,” highlighting the sense of community and encouragement that he has experienced throughout his time at the school.

“Before GNS I would usually not really participate in too many activities and such but because of the smaller community here I’ve been able to get to know everyone within and form really strong bonds with my friends and teachers.” 

His community here allowed him to step out of his comfort zone to make contributions through leadership, music and academics. 

As he looks forward to his next academic journey at Harvard University, his achievements and drive demonstrate what is possible through hard work, practice and dedication.