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Grade 2 Student Shows Kindness Through Giving

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Charlotte Steele has been using her artistic and entrepreneurial skills to help raise money to support the Victoria Humane Society. The Grade 2 student used her interest in flowers as a starting point to help raise money.  It all started in March, when remote learning began and Charlotte was going on frequent walks with her grandmother. On their walks, they would take photos of flowers and identify them by their names.  Charlotte decided to do something with the photos she took. It started as a flower identification book, but then she wanted to do more. Last year, she made bookmarks and sold them to raise money for Cops for Cancer, but this year she changed it up and decided to make cards to sell.  She chose to raise the money for the Victoria Humane Society after learning about several different charities and what they do. After giving her donation, the Humane Society invited her to come and see where the money would go. Charlotte and her family took up the offer and enjoyed an opportunity to cuddle with some kittens.  “I chose the Humane Society after my Mom told me about it, and I like what the Humane Society does,” said Charlotte. “My visit was good, and I got to meet really nice kittens.”  Charlotte’s cards have been such a hot commodity with friends, family, teachers, and her neighbours, that she has had to go back and print additional batches. She even received a generous offer from Watts Plumbing and Drain to match how much she raised.  Not only did she put her creative side to work taking the photos, creating the cards, and packaging them, but she kept track of all the money she was collecting and counted it multiple times to know how much she was donating. Overall, Charlotte raised $500 for the Victoria Humane Society.  “I’m so proud. She’s a very caring kid and it’s nice to see–especially now,” said her Mom, Rebecca Steele Way to go Charlotte, for all the work you have done to raise money for the Humane Society!