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Grade 2 Students Participate in a Creativity Provocation

GNSGNS photo
As an introduction into their next IB PYP Unit of Inquiry, “People Find Creative Inspiration in their Surroundings,” Grade 2 students took part in a Creativity Provocation on October 20!

Set up around the entire Junior School Campus, students rotated through four different stations to find creativity through language, music, dance and art.

“We used the beautiful spaces around the Beach Campus to explore being creative in different ways,” explained Mme. Kathleen Stamp-Vincent, French teacher. “The turf became a place of inspiration for investigating unusual instruments, disco lights in Rattenbury created an ambiance that inspired a dynamic dance party, the architecture and mood of the music room inspired the exploration of art supplies, and Grade 4 leaders helped create an imaginative trip to Paris, complete with a pain au chocolat tasting.”

Mme. Stamp-Vincent, Music teacher Mr. Raif Haines, PHE teacher Mr. Benji Brooks and Art teacher Ms. Nancy Fletcher ran the stations for the Grade 2s, who seemed to wrestle between wanting to move on to the next area and the desire to stay longer at each!

Grade 2 teachers Ms. Kathryn Wild and Ms. Kelly White accompanied the students around the campus and monitored their interactions.

“They experienced creativity in different formats, learning about how different environments can inspire,” said Ms. Wild. “After they were complete, the specialist teachers elicited responses from questions like, ‘What did you just experience in that space?’”

“Out of that, we had answers that contained the words ‘inspire, create, dance, move, sound,’” added Ms. White. “We want the students to get as close to our central idea as possible.”

Grade 2 teachers are using all of the words and responses that students gave and writing them on a board, while prompting the Grade 2s to find the central idea of their own. This independent thought is a staple of the IB curriculum.

Amidst the provocation, there were plenty of smiles from the students as they progressed through the activities, and their attention and engagement never waned.

“I liked the dance party because I like to move!” exclaimed Lauren.

“I looked around the music room and thought maybe it would be a good idea to build a teacup because it was different,” remarked Charlotte.

“When I heard the music I couldn’t stop dancing to the beat,” beamed Isla. 

What a fun day this was! Thank you to our Grade 2 teachers and specialist teachers for creating something so interesting!