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Grade 4s Get Creative with Media

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The Grade 4 IB PYP students wrapped up their media unit, which explored the central idea that “media influences the way individual societies and cultures perceive and understand their world.” Under the transdisciplinary theme of “how we express ourselves,” students looked at various lines of inquiry including, how media is used to communicate, the influence of media on society and individuals, responsible consumption of media, and use of media.  The summative project was to create a toy geared towards a specific target audience. The students then created commercials using the different advertising techniques they learned about to try and sell their products. They also wrote a piece to persuade potential buyers and wrote a jingle in music class. Ms. Durovick also helped by teaching the classes about iMovie to help bring their commercials together. Grade 4 students from Ms. McCall and Ms. Seliwoniuk classes shared their experiences:  Amy “In this unit, the Grade 4s learned about media and advertising. They learned how media helps us understand our world better and now have a greater understanding of how media is everywhere and that it is something that influences us. They learned about different advertising techniques (emotional appeal, misleading claims, puffery, celebrity endorsement, we are the best, bandwagon), figurative language, safe internet balance, an author’s purpose, kid influencers and how advertisements are made. As a summative project, the Grade 4s were asked to make a toy of their choice and make an advertisement for their toy. In this project they interpreted a jingle, figurative language and some clips that will persuade the viewers. For this project they also made a persuasive writing piece using the OREO method (opinion, reason, example, opinion) and they were trying to make people think that their product was the best. After all that the Grade 4s shared their advertisements and showed everyone their work. The Grade 4s really enjoyed this project and wish that they could do it again!” Khaila “After going on a long process they each had a toy and a plan of their commercials. All the students had different ideas for their prototypes. They worked hard to get their commercials done but overall it was a pretty fun unit!” Olive“We worked so hard on this project, but also had so much fun!” Sophie“This unit was the best and I wish I could do it again!!”  Michelle“Overall, I loved this unit and I think it will be very helpful for our future.”