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Grade 4s Share Their Canadian Heritage Knowledge

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The Grade 4 classes recently wrapped up their Heritage Inquiry Unit. Throughout the unit, students worked with the guidance of Mrs. Sarah McLeod, Teacher Librarian, as they researched and learned about primary and secondary sources and the difference between an archive, a library and a museum.

Students focused on Canadian heritage and chose a photo or online image as their primary source of information. With the help of Mrs. McLeod, students used print and non-print sources to find out more about their topic of interest. The final result was a Google slide that included their citations and five interesting facts that they learned.

Here is a sample of some of the fun historical facts the Grade 4 students learned through their research:

Eryn: The Chinese Cemetery at Harling Point

  • The Chinese Cemetery is haunted by a woman who lost her love, and it was established in 1903 for Chinese pioneers.
Rivka: The Cariboo Gold Rush

  • During the Cariboo Goldrush people came from all over the world, so there weren’t just Canadians but people from China and Australia.
Kamilah: First Nations

  • Before the settlement and after the settlement the clothes were a lot different.
Ethan: The Klondike Gold Rush

  • You need lots of resources, and people from all over the world came—there were a lot of people, thousands!
Ainsley: The Kinsol Trestle

  • The Kinsol Trestle is one of the tallest free-standing trestle bridges.
Liam: Early Explorers

  • David Thompson was an author, explorer and a map maker, he took on a lot of other jobs.
Way to go Grade 4s on diving deep into Canadian heritage, learning how to research using community resources such as libraries, museums and archives and as well the importance of citing sources of information!