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Grade 5 Student Wins Interpretive Writing Challenge

Congratulations to Jada Baterina ’30 who won the Interpretive Writing Challenge at the BC Heritage Fair! Jada took on the task of writing one to three sentences about a provided photo. 

Jada summarized a photo that was taken in 1929 on a train in Morrisburg, Ontario where telegraph engineers were testing the first system ever invented for speaking on the telephone to and from a moving train. 

“I was very surprised that I won,” she said. “There are people way older than me that could have done it, so I was quite surprised.” 

The entry Jada submitted was, “These are telegraph engineers testing out the FIRST system ever invented for speaking on a telephone on a MOVING train! John C. Burkholder invented this historic device. This EXTRAORDINARY event happened on the Morrisburg, Ontario train in 1929!” 

Jada was first introduced to the idea of taking part in the challenge after participating in the BC Heritage Fair last year. Her project at the heritage fair was “The Amazing Life of Coal Mining,” where she was awarded the Alumni Choice Award. 

Well done, Jada!