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Grade 6 Boys Basketball – End of Season Review

GNSGNS photo

By Jake Burnett The Grade 6 Boys had a fabulous season that took the best parts of October all the way through to the end of November. The energy, fun and desire to be part of a really supportive team were always at the forefront of everything this group of boys took part in.  This wonderful team turned up to practices regularly, whilst balancing a myriad of other commitments, and they always played with Gryphon hearts – whether this was at GNS, close to GNS (our Lansdowne jamboree) or miles away from GNS (our North Saanich jamboree). Here are some of our amazing stats from this season:

  • Hours of on-court practice time: 8
  • Hours of gameplay: 8
  • Points scored in Jamborees/Mash Ups: 197
  • Number of Boys on the Roster: 22
  • Number of Boys who represented GNS: 22
  • Number of Coaches: 4 experts (thanks to Seth, Choi, Yoomin and Matt), plus 1 old timer
  • Number of blocks: Our defensive line-ups weren’t called “the wall” for nothing
  • Number of shots: too many to count
  • Distance jogged: many many metres
  • Distance sprinted: even more metres
  • Number of parents supporters: throngs
  • Amount of fun had by all (coaches included): tons

Basketball at this level is always high energy, but there was also some impressive teamwork, care, and willingness to support each other at every step. In particular, great thanks to our four superstar coaches (all on the Junior Boys team) who also gave up a great deal of their time to help the team to learn, grow and know how to make every rebound. Thanks too must go to the determination of each and every member of the team, and the wonderful support of our GNS families, who cheered from the sidelines, taxied when needed, and helped with the unenviable task of ensuring the team were fed, watered and always ready to play. Another amazing season of sport here in the Middle School!