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Gryphon Gallery: David Auld

David celebrated by watching a wonderful video with his dear wife Edna, of many of his friends and colleagues wishing him the very best through stories and pictures about him and most treasured by them. It could have lasted for hours—which says something very special about this man.

David worked for GNS (Glenlyon Preparatory School) for 37 years, from 1969 to 2006, Thirty two of those years were as a PE teacher but a.k.a. Athletic Director, coach, master-in-charge of discipline, school play actor, the old Boathouse renovator, Spring Fair auctioneer, and MC (with kilt twirling) of numerous Christmas Concerts. In the summer of 2001, he moved to the Development Office (now Advancement), for five years as Assistant Director of Alumni Relations.

During his time at the school, regardless of his role, he was a great teacher, supportive colleague and good friend to many. It is estimated that David contributed to the development of well over 1,000 young boys, sending them on their way to hopefully becoming well-rounded adults. His devotion to teaching, his loyalty to the school, his genuine caring for others, and his carefully considered advice made him a highly valued member of the school community.

David learned his ‘trade’ at Jordanhill College in Scotland, after which that Scottish penchant for exploration and adventure took him to Cliffside Prep School on Shawnigan Lake (now Easter Seals, Camp Shawnigan). He was there for three years, before joining Glenlyon. You may remember that 1969 was the year of the moon landing and it could just as easily have been said, paraphrasing Neil Armstrong’s famous words: “David Auld’s hiring may be one small step for mankind, but it is one big step for Glenlyon!” And being the person he is, from that moment onwards, David never lost interest in the development of his new, adopted school. He still attends some celebrations and reunions and contributes monthly to the GNS annual fund.

But wait, I almost forgot. Through his younger days, David played cricket and field hockey.

Highlights were representing Canada, touring the east coast of Australia, and taking his love of the

game to become a field hockey umpire. Upon his retirement from that, the President the VIFHA said:

“His dedication to our game has few equals. David always brought a positive attitude to each game

and treated all players with respect. The umpiring community is richer for his contribution, as an

umpire and mentor”. Sentiments so true of his long-lasting contribution to GNS as well.

Gaun yersel’ laddie!